Social Anxiety Disorder And Social Depression

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Stefani Mosquera
Human Anatomy
May 29, 2013
Social Anxiety Disorder One of the most common mental disorders in the United States that goes unseen is social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia. Many times parents tend to mistake it for pure shyness. If gone uncured it may cause children, young adults, and adults to not be able to participate in social activities. Even though there is a great diversity in all people when it comes to their personalities the quitter people tend to develop social anxiety due to how society tends to favor bolder personalities. That may cause neglect and that is the main cause of social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety are a group of conditions that bring people to risk with their everyday lives with severe symptoms (Izenburg, 2003). People with social anxiety disorder tend to worry about everything. Usually people tend to develop social phobia as young adults and it progresses over time. “The fear of being evaluated, criticized, censored, embarrassed ( Doctor Kahn, 1989). These effects will most likely effect adults when it comes time to go to job interviews and even to except a promotion and become a boss. Social phobia does not allow people to progress and only allows them to say how they are because they have a fear of being judged and even seen. Not only that but social phobia tends to also not allow people to do the following: eating, drinking, speaking, and urinating. “People with social anxiety disorder may…
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