Social Anxiety Disorder Paper

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss a better way to assist people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. I will propose a better way I will treat those who suffer with social anxiety disorder. I will explain some realistic actions I will take to help move my proposals in a positive direction. Further, I will discuss the steps I will take to avoid being a “pawn” in the current system. Lastly, I will demonstrate how I am going to really help my clients that are suffering with social anxiety disorder without jeopardizing my career. To better assist those who suffer and seek help Stein and Stein (2008) states there are several effective cognitive behavioral and medications treatments for children and adults that exist now…show more content…
Researchers indicates that cognitive therapy should be considered as a best treatment of clients with social anxiety disorder instead of combining cognitive therapy with paroxetine (Nordahl, et. al., 2016, p.355). I totally support the researchers’ ideas because clients will focus more on the cognitive therapy rather than the groups. People with social anxiety disorder that seek help, need to attend cognitive behavioral treatment first. Then, if the treatment do not work for a client they can seek pharmacological treatment. However, clients have to attend cognitive behavioral therapy for 17 sessions completely before they seek pharmacological treatment. According to Priyamvada et al. (2009), cognitive behavioral treatment showed improvement after 17 sessions of therapeutic intervention program (p.60). Clinicians should not prescribed medications to people with social anxiety disorder without any proof documents that implicate the clients have completed the cognitive behavioral treatment and it did not work for the client’s. I propose this because the medications that are prescribed for disorder have a range of side-effects. Also, sometimes clients depend more on the medications instead of the cognitive behavioral therapy. Moreover, many people with social anxiety disorder are not educated about the side-effects of the medications.
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