Social Anxiety Disorder Report

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Social anxiety disorder, also referred to as social phobia, is an anxiety disorder where an individual fears interaction with other people. When interacting socially, individuals with this disorder often feel they are being judged negatively, causing them to feel many different emotions. These emotions can range from embarrassment, humiliation, inferiority and depression. Social anxiety is considered a pervasive disorder, meaning it affects most areas in a person’s life. This type of anxiety is categorized as chronic because it cannot go away without some form of treatment. Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders; around 12% of adults in America have experienced it (Stein, Social anxiety, The Lancet). Although the cause of social anxiety is still unknown, it is believed that this form of anxiety be brought on by difference factors, such as environment, bullying, family conflicts and brain structure. Anxiety disorders can run in a family, however, doctors are not sure if this form of anxiety is due to genetics or from learned behaviors, as said by the Staff at the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic Staff, Social anxiety disorder, 2013). While children are in their early learning stages of life, they try to follow in their parents’ footsteps by mimicking the way they talk, the way they behave and how they react to certain situations. This can cause a child to…show more content…
The first step to dealing with social anxiety is to try therapy. Therapy can assist in educating the individual on the disorder and can give them tools to personally work through their social anxiety without the use of medication, as medications can lead to health risks and addiction. The first kind of psychotherapy that is used is called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This method is used to treat emotional problems, as well as mental health problems, by talking to a trained therapist. As stated by the Mayo
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