Social Anxiety Disorder : The Various Forms Of Success

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Social anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that many people struggle with each and every day. Social anxiety disorder, according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is defined and categorized as “a marked and persistent fear of one or more social/performance situations” (Vanin, Helsey &Morgan,2008). It is the fear of being, or interacting, in social situations, which bring on feelings of self-consciousness and judgement from others. Social anxiety disorder, and many other anxiety disorders for that matter, go undetected, and therefore, unresolved. This leads to many people struggling with it their whole lives, which, in turn, causes problems when trying to achieve goals and being successful. Individuals who…show more content…
Morrison, author of Re-Defining Success: Finding New Hope, “You don’t have to define success in the same way other people define success. In your current definition of success, you might see a landmark of success as having a million dollars. But other ‘landmarks’ in your life can define your success, too. You can re-define success from the world’s definitions to whatever you believe is important to your life” (38). Success is personal and unique to each individual. In this paper, success will be looked at in more broad terms. We will look at success in relationships, friendships, as well as personal happiness, such as overcoming obstacles. Furthermore, this essay will also look into the ways putting hard work, effort and time into overcoming obstacles that the disorder throws in the way of people who struggle with social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, this disorder is a mental disorder that can not easily be controlled by one’s self. It sometimes requires therapeutic and pharmaceutical actions in order to manage and overcome it, which, in a way, can be a success in itself. To begin, we will look at the way social anxiety disorder affects relationships. Research has proven that, overall, it is more difficult for individuals who suffer from social anxiety disorder to form, as well as maintain, relationships of all kinds, such as intimate relationships, friendships, and even relationships within the
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