Social Anxiety Disorders: Social Phobia

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Anxiety disorder is a mental health disorder, which is characterized by feelings of fear or anxiety there are many types of anxiety one is such being social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia.
Social Phobia is an Anxiety disorder where the sufferer fears being negatively judged or evaluated by others and therefore they are afraid of doing something to embarrass or humiliate themselves in public.
This particular anxiety can wreak havoc on a person’s life and well-being symptoms of social anxiety disorder are sometimes so extreme they disrupt daily some of these symptoms are as listed.
The person will have few or no social or romantic relationship.
Some may feel weak and powerless also alone and ashamed.
In a study taken in America,
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Another interesting fact that is about anxiety is that women are 60% more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders than men this is mostly seen in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder and also non-Hispanic whites are more likely anxiety than any other ethnic group with in the united states by about 25% on average. And 50%of children that experience anxiety in their child hood will grow up and develop an anxiety disorder which in this day and age where being good looking or cool at school or social gatherings could lead to them experiencing social anxiety disorder.
Social anxiety is on a rise in America and around the world most would blame this being a fault of social media and the way it projects how one should look and feel about their life although neuroscience and sociology scientist haven’t yet pinpointed the exact cause it is still a high chance that social media plays a key component on this
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