Social Anxiety Research Paper

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Maybe just the thought of being social gives you anxiety. Social anxiety is the extreme fear of being judged by everybody you come across. “Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is characterized by marked anxiety about social or performance situations in which there is a fear of embarrassing oneself under scrutiny by others (Robinson 2010)”. People with social anxiety have trouble making and maintaining eye contact. If spoken to, they may give quick short answers. They are unable to talk to people they do not know. They might ask someone else to talk for them, make someone else order food for them at restaurants. Social anxiety is not just a problem with strangers, it can be the fear of talking in front of people you known for years.
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You fear that while talking to strangers and even talking to someone that you know, that they will judge you by what you are saying. Some may rather stay quiet and listen in to what is being said than speak up and say what is on their minds. You even be scared to talk to your own family members in the fear that they will make fun or judge what you are saying. “Socially anxious college students also judge others who appear anxious more negatively than do college students without social anxiety (Purdon et al., 2001)” They seek comfort by staying to themselves and talking to certain people that they can trust enough to talk…show more content…
They may want to make new friends but the anxiety of it causes them to become scared to talk to the new person or people. The person may actually wait for a person to befriend them instead of making the first move. Many people think the person with social anxiety is acting like they are a better than the normal because the person barely talks to anyone and if they do. it's only certain people. People with this anxiety will only act a certain way when they are around people they feel themselves with, They may not talk to anyone until one of their friends show up and then the person may take on a new more sociable attitude. They feel more at home around their closer friends and will show their real selves. Many are actually outgoing in some certain cases where they are around their closest of
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