Social Anxiety Throughout Ages.

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Social Anxiety throughout Ages
As a child growing up with social anxiety disorder, I know firsthand that it reduces the quality of life. I feel as if I have been wronged in life because of this disorder, it has robbed me of my potential happiness. Growing up was not easy, I constantly felt like I was being judged, I had a hard time making friends and an even harder time keeping them. Every day was an obstacle that I just wanted to avoid, I was even afraid to get on my school bus because I thought people would talk bad about me as I was making my way to a seat. My family didn’t even understand how much this was affecting me, they believed that my avoiding human contact was because I was depressed and wanted to put me in therapy. I became so jealous of people who had so much confident and would not even blink an eye when they were made to present in front of the class. This disorder got me in a lot of trouble in my first year of middle school, I became so afraid of the change and people that I was scared to attend class and I refused for 52 day to go. I was put on probation for truancy just because I was scared of people. Later when I attended high school, I thought it had gone away but I was wrong because it hit me harder than ever. Presentations were required and I panicked, each and every time I stood in front of the class. I would get shaky and I would start to stutter. Social anxiety gave me the title of being weird, apparently not talking makes you stand out even when
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