Social Aspects Of Women 's Sexuality

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There seems to be a shift in promoting products and images to woman in the current media. It seems to be playing much on “Raunch culture” (Levey, 2005) for both genders to achieve the desired outcome. Advertising has portrayed woman as sexual objects or as Kilbourne (1999) called it, objectified. However, current media has shed a new light on women, where they are not just sexual objects but active, sexually driven individuals that are empowered to choose and be free with their sexuality and decisions (Gill, 2009). However, according to Gill (2008), there are certain social aspects that this new shift would impact the meaning of empowerment and how women’s sexuality are being view, directly affecting the idea of feminism and the equality…show more content…
Magazines, online articles and many other form of media has been propagating woman to be empowered, to be openly sexual, by having articles that titles “How to be better in bed?” or “What is your favorite sexual position?” which suggest that it is safe for a woman to be open about being sexual and desires sex. As compared with the past, women are getting more involved in being sexual and it has blurred the lines of porn and real life. SEXUALISATION OF THE MIDRIFF The exposure of the midriff is interpreted as a sleek and controlled body, where is toned, conditioned, moisturized piece of art, an important symbol in being successful in modern society. According to, women in the media are usually thin and being associated with being successful, in control, empowered and have a high chance of having a good relationship with people. Thus, it is easy to understand why women are interested to have a well-toned midriff, as it symbolized that one is empowered and are in control of their decisions. However, in advertisements it is used to portray another side of “empowerment”. An example by Gill (2008), a young woman posing, clad in just a sleek black bra, with a caption of, “I can’t cook, who cares?” making a statement that having a good figure triumphs having feminine skills, like cooking. Even more now so, when both genders are equip with cooking skills, it generalizes women to want more possession
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