Social Audit

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Social Audit A social audit is a business statement presented annually to understand, measure, report and improve the organization 's social and ethical performance. Usually, social audit is addressed to employees, investors, market analysts, shareholders and lastly, the community. This is considered to be the main ground for practicing corporate social responsibility. With social audit, it strengthens the relationship between company, society and environment and at the same time showing the transparency of activities to improve the quality of life. Starbucks, the chosen company of the group, annually presents their report called Global Responsibility Report. According to their latest report for the year 2012, they are more focused…show more content…
In U. S and Canada, the Chief Digital Officer of Starbucks, Brotman, introduced the transformation of the outlet to something digital and this includes mobile payment, social media, Starbucks Card and loyalty cards, e-commerce, and Wi-Fi – all packaged together. There is nothing wrong with the Free Wi-Fi since almost all of the stores had already set up this transformation. Mobile payment is only applicable in US and Canada and this digital transformation had faced lots of technological issues. The mobile payment enables seller and buyer to accept payments and purchase items via their mobile devices. This service is already popular with small business but September of 2012, the company announced that Starbucks will handling its own debit and credit card processing. Starbucks invested $25 million for the start up and in November, began accepting payments from Square 's mobile Wallet App at its 7,000 stores. At first, the use of mobile device to pay puchased drinks or food seemed smooth on different locations but on whole, the company found it awkward, buggy and inconsistent. To make this mobile payment worse, the baristas and some store managers had little training on using the
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