Social Benefits Of Migration To Australia

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We have, and everyday we continue to benefit from the contribution of migrants to our society. When someone new migrates to Australia they bring economical benefits, social benefits and their culture to expand on our building multiculturalism.

Migrants encourage economic growth as they bring a new understanding to Australia. They are good for business and the community. Companies can use their employee’s knowledge of overseas businesses, language and cultural skills to assist in the needs of the customer and to gain a lead over their competitors. Migrants also start up their own businesses and work with their knowledge to create something different. Frank Lowy, a successful migrant, developed his first shopping centre at Blacktown in Sydney in 1959. Nowadays, the Westfield Group is one of the world's largest shopping centre portfolios, with 104 shopping centres across the world. An increase in the number of migrants in Australia is beneficial for economic growth as we can use their resources to develop our own.

P2: With new migrants frequently migrating to Australia, they are bound to bring some social benefits with them. Social benefits are similar
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Multiculturalism is reflected in our country’s food, lifestyle, cultural practices and experience. Migrants help to expand our multiculturalism as they bring their culture from their country to ours. In 2011, a survey was conducted to see how the multicultural nature of Australian society, particularly in Victoria, has developed and grown significantly. Compared to the 2006 survey, more than 50% of of Victorians were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. Most of you today, wouldn’t be here if someone in your family hadn’t made the decision to migrate to Australia. As Australia’s population grows with the increase in migrants, so does its
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