Social Biases Paper

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Social Biases George T. Jackson Psych/555 Social Psychology October 24, 2011 Diana Dobier

Social Biases A social bias is a prejudice attitude aimed at a particular race, culture, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation. People with limited vision often form negative opinions toward a group of people without knowing who they are. People have to be careful with the thought process because it can lead him or her to make a judgmental statement toward an individual, or a group of individuals, without the person realizing that the statement or comment was prejudicial. In this paper the concept of social biases,
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Stereotyping is the generalization about others, which leads to a predictable characteristic of other people. Stereotypes only represent one aspect of an individual that is usually the negative aspect. Stereotypes also cause an individual to make a harsh statement toward individuals without recognizing the damage those words can cause. Example someone who accuses Middle Eastern men to be terrorists has made a negative stereotype against these people, when every Middle Eastern men are not terrorists. Discrimination is the ill treatment or denying of some ones rights because of his or her race, creed, color, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnic background. Fiske, (2010) “discrimination entails acting on the basis of one’s stereotypes, and prejudices denying, equality of treatment that people wish to have.” Discrimination wears many faces and can take on different forms that can be overt and subtle. This behavior can be very hurtful to various groups, organizations, and individuals. Example A person is denied housing because he is an openly gay individual. Subtle and Blatant Bias Any individual on any given day can display subtle biases; these biases are generally automatic, meaning they are done in a manner that can be unbeknownst to the individual who has acted upon them. Subtle biases bring discrimination to the surface while exposing the true nature of certain individuals. Examples Mexicans drink a lot, have
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