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Should Companies Embrace Social Business

Managing Info Tech Across the Global Enterprise

Shantel Watkins Identify the management, organization, and technology factors responsible for slow adoption rates of internal corporate networks.
While social media is becoming a platform for businesses and corporations to communicate with their consumers and employees within their organization it is the same medium which can damage and cause problems and confusion for the organization. According to Laudon (2014), the goal of social business is to deepen interactions with groups inside and outside the firm to expedite and enhance information sharing, innovation, and decision-making. Email and Instant Massaging,
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Social networking mediums such as Facebook and Twitter is merely there for any other reason than socializing. Once an employee sees a status update box they are going to post personal notes than updates that would be more of a business nature. The use of these tools and technologies however are at minimal use by employees. This interaction with social media tools is rather low as employees are hesitant to learn about new software. The main creators of these social internal networks are IT personnel who fail to ensure that there is end user input, which results in employees rarely using the tools and technologies created for collaboration. To attract end users IT coordinators or outside companies creating the software for companies should create a system that will appeal to the interest of the end user. They should create user-friendly software that would ultimately create value for the business. In addition to this, IT professionals should also seek to create analytical software with capabilities to measure the performance and value created by their internal social networks seeing that just 26 percent of the Altimeter survey respondents reported improvement in specific business processes, and only 7 percent tied these networks to financial results. Ultimately, no respondents claimed to measure their internal social network very well. Hence why IT professionals should also develop
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