Social Capital Theory Crucial To Buildup Of Migration Policies

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Social capital theory is an exceptionally important concept when examining immigration processes and policies. The social capital theory suggests that individuals with stronger connections, resources, and relationships are more likely to immigrate when compared to individuals, who lack those resources. Likewise, Portes and Rumbaut (2014) suggest that when examining immigration patterns, social networks are crucial to the buildup of migration systems. For example, it is reasonable to conclude that Jane was born into a wealthy family because her parents invested in her human capital from an early age. Correspondingly, since she was a tennis player, Jane had a social network with strong connections and resources that prompted her athletic skills…show more content…
After, she had to schedule an appointment with the U.S Embassy. The process took approximately three months and cost around $1900 because Jane had to pay for the application and she was required to travel’s insurance for $900. Similarly, Jane had to pay $3500 tuition for Sierra College, and the price of the plane ticket was $1400. Therefore, the total for the documents and traveling expenses was $6800. Therefore, Jane’s family had the resources to sponsor her professional goals. Similarly, Jane was a “pioneer migrant” because she was the first one from her family to come to the United States. Therefore, she had to face emotional hardships and anxiety. As Jane recalls, she was nervous and uncertain of how everything would turn out. She did not understand English and did not know how the educational system works here. Jane’s Sierra College trainer arranged her living situation and asked his friends to take Jane in for the first time. After less than a year, Jane’s Sacramento State coach arranged an apartment for Jane’s teammates and her that was located near Sacramento
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