Social Care Case Study Alzheimers And Dementia

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CCIB LPA Perryman-French received a call form Delores. Her mother, Bernice Howard (DOB 02/24/1925) has Alzheimers and dementia. Her mother was living at another facility, when she required an awake night staff. She was moved into this location around June 20 or 21st, 2015. Delores left the area and then returned on 07/05/15. During that time, she had her son checking on her. Sometime around 07/01/15 or 07/02/15, her son told her that he was told there was an altercation between staff "La" and Bernice in the kitchen. The result was bruises on her arms (where she was grabbed) and a visible scratch. Bernice informed her that she was hit, slapped, grabbed and scratched and also reported that she responded by getting her (La) back. The family had
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