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In this essay I am outlining a case study based on a person receiving social care. I will be using relevant theory and will critically discuss the relationship among the service user, carers and family members, and relevant social care practitioners, within the context of working in partnership with service users. Amongst other matters, the discussion will cover issues arising from inequality in society and user involvement.

I was working in a school for two years as a learning mentor and I worked in partnership with G for one year and half, my role was to work with pupils of all abilities who needed help to overcome difficulties that were getting in the way of their learning such as family problems, bereavement, bullying, low
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All this brought G trauma and she grew with emotional and behavioural disorders. For the passed two years G started to misbehaviour by missing class, being late, fighting, having low grades, poor attendance and punctuality. The head teacher is concerned and decided to call G mother or the social work if G continued like that.
See appendix for more information.

How did I work in partnership with G?
A Overview of the Mentoring Process
All learning mentor have to structure work using the RAFIE model to ensure that all casework is well planned, organised, monitored and evaluated to support vulnerable pupils to increase social inclusion and raise the attainment of those pupils (Learning Mentor Policy, 2009).

Referral- I did a referral form which identified that G was underachieving because of the learning barriers such as poor attendance and punctuality, risk of exclusion, lack of motivation, been bully, poor progress in learning, trauma, emotional and behavioural disorder.
After the referral I had a meeting with the head teacher, G teachers and M to discuss G behaviour and we all agree that G needs to change otherwise G will not have any education in the further. I started by completing an initial assessment, work with G to identify any issues, set up a provisional programme and keep a record of each sessions. I then have meetings with M and G to discuss any issues and agree
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