Social Care Ethics Essay

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Applying care ethics to reproductive tourism appears too optimistic and simple at first glance, but upon further investigation this approach is reviewed to be capable of yielding the most personal and effective results when it comes to parents making their decisions to utilize this service. In comparison to other approaches, this theory views all parties involved in the process of this assisted reproductive service as humans with equal moral value and emotions; emotions that are ultimately responsible for the 150% growth of the global surrogacy industry (Parks 334).Written by Jennifer Parks, the article on care ethics defines this view as one that neither overlooks the importance of human relationships nor the “infant’s right to human care” (335). This perspective is also interesting in the sense that it employs the social connection model, which is heavily discussed by Anne Donchin in her article on the same matter. Care ethics incorporates Iris Marion Young’s idea of the social model for the commissioned parents to forge a relationship with the…show more content…
Parks realizes that a care ethics perspective makes global surrogacy expensive, rendering it undesirable from an economic point of view. This revelation is not a problem for care ethics, if it means the surrogates are to be seen as morally equal to the infants, the commissioned parents, then Parks has fulfilled her goal. Care is expensive, but this proves to be beneficial to this theory. In an effort to avoid a false dichotomy, commissioned parents either have to care for their future children and the surrogates that carry those children, or choose other means of reproductive assistance which are as expensive. Care ethics makes it possible to illustrate that there are more than economic benefits and abstract ethical norms that should be considered in terms of reproductive
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