Social Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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Introduction: Teen pregnancy rates in the US are very high and though they seem to be decreasing throughout the years, it is still a social issue that must be paid more attention to. According to the OAH (Office of Adolescent Health), 232,215 babies were born to girls between ages 15-19 (Health, 2017). It is a social issue that everyone should be aware of because it is happening every day. Because the rates are declining throughout the years that doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly. It’s a social issue that can not only cause harm to teenagers, but that can also cause harm to the children being born to these teens. The future of both the teen and the child must be taken into consideration because it something that affects everyone. In order, to focus on this society issue and reduce these high rates, parents of teenagers and society must realize the causes of teen pregnancy, the negative effects that come along with it, and the solutions to prevent teen pregnancy from happening. Causes of Teen Pregnancy: First, to reduce these high rates and find solutions to prevent teenage pregnancy, society must understand the causes of teen pregnancy. Lack of knowledge has to be one of the main reasons why unintended pregnancies occur amongst teens. According to, when it comes to the biological and emotional side that comes with having sex, most teenagers do not quite fully understand it and what can happen if you don’t take the right precautions (Langham,

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