Social Causes and Consequences of Inequalities Based on Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

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Ethnic minorities are constantly being depicted as the culprits and the prime suspects in any crime. Muslim are always associated with fascism, Blacks are always associated with thugs, Mexicans are always depicted as illegal immigrants or drug cartels, Russians as spies and the list goes on. However, the White people are depicted as victims and innocents. Unfortunately, this false depiction of generalizing racial attributes leads to a false image in the eyes of the majority. It is due to this reason that racial profiling in the media is a big concern (Hanes & Gale, 2005). Racial profiling in the media is problematic since it leads to biases and stereotypes in the American culture. Constant depiction of such stereotypic behavior in the media reinforces such false perceptions in the viewer's eyes. According to one study concerning this issue states that stereotypic images of Blacks depicted as criminals is very strong in the present media which consequently results in perpetuation of stereotypes in the culture in a subtle yet effectual manner (Gorham, 2006). Moreover, a study in 1991 concluded that the TV media is playing a strong role in spreading "modern racism" through muted portrayal of stereotypes. The study further…
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