Social Challenges In Social Work

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The resilience and determination of people through adverse conditions has been a driving force in the reasons I choose this profession, and why I continue to choose it every day. In particular, family challenges have been an interest of mine, and I have always been captivated in understanding the social layers which affect their lives.

My family has undergone adverse circumstances, which has resulted in intergenerational trauma. My sister had three children who were removed from her care and placed for closed adoption, as a result of her ongoing mental health challenges. When my first nephew was born, I re-experienced significant traumatic childhood events; he was placed into protective care. I was not aware of the apprehension plan. As someone who was invested in this child’s life, I stepped up to be a significant family member. At the time I was the only family member able to have visitation with him, thus stepping into a maternal role. His birth and eventual adoption was a turning point in my life. It forced me into a position where I had to become completely estranged from my biological family. At that moment, I decided I needed to be a part of changing the social injustices I experienced and witnessed through obtaining a bachelor of social work.

I grew up in a home environment that did not value education, and in which I entered various social systems, one being children protection. I have witnessed and experienced oppression and the effects of becoming an
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