Social Change : A Social Problem

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Chelsey Little
HR 4013-995 Social Change Process
Dr. Deacon
November 12th, 2014

1. Much of social change is aimed at alternating inequalities and forms of oppression. Select One of the forms of inequality and/or oppression that we have covered so far (e.g., sexism, ageism, etc.), Briefly describe this form of inequality and/or oppression (giving at least one example of how it manifests in day to day society). Give one reason why the authors of either of your book(s) argue that this is a social problem in need of change. (10 points) -Ageism- the older you get the more your rights are taken away from you. In the United States we view older adults as more wise and have progressively gotten healthier and living longer than ever before. -This form of inequality is a very real issue today that not much has been done about it. For example, older individuals over a certain age and who are considered senior citizens, may not be the employers idea of a good contributor to that company because of their age is discriminating against that individual and are violating their human rights. -One reason why the authors argue that this is a social problem in need of change is that everyone gets old. Whether we like it or not it is a fact of life and there is nothing that can change it but we can change how older people are treated as a person in general and in the workplace.
2. Define the sociological imagination- (5 points) -The sociological imagination is defined as…
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