Social Change And Public Policy

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The study of sociology is an idea interpreted as social change and public policy. This social change is heavily influenced in Laredo, Texas because of the demanding change in urban society. Additionally, this change is operated by Laredo citizen’s concerned with the system of charter and public schools on how classical music has disappeared as a necessity of the learning structure for students. Not only has classical music been completely erased from the school system, it has caused student’s grades to suffer and also to do poorly on standardized tests such as state tests or college level entry exams. Classical music is a necessity for all life and by taking away one of the educational system’s best fields of learning, it creates a difficult social issue to handle, especially for students. Although society is always on the verge of implementing the idea of social change, taking away a necessity is not going to create a pathway to success. By applying classical music to everyday life as a student, it helps stimulate daily activity in the brain, helps relate music to certain issues, and create a compassionate sense for music. Particularly in Laredo, classical music has seen as a downfall inside and outside of the educational settings. The pathway the city is going through, is great, a lot of change has occurred in the urban and rural areas of town, not to mention the booming industries of small businesses. With this being mentioned, citizens can notice that Laredo is no
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