Social Change, Leadership, And Advocacy Theories: Senior Care

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Change, Leadership, and Advocacy Theories: Senior Care

Valencia Wright
HUMN 6660: Social Change, Leadership, and Advocacy for Human Services Professionals
Professor: Dr. Veronica Carey

Walden University
October 23, 2016
Change, Leadership, and Advocacy Theories: Senior Care Within society we constantly see the creation and implementation of new programs and laws which are set forth by societal issues which lawmakers have at the top of their political agenda. Many non-profit organizations and professional leaders advocate for the rights of those whose voices are not heard and also to point out many of the fallacies which exist within the current systems across the country.
One issue which affects every citizen domestically and internationally is the issue of long-term senior care. We
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Advocacy is important in being the voice of the senior population, by implementing more programs which serves as the voice of seniors. These groups can make recommendations to healthcare professionals and organizations in how treatment and patient care can be improved. Changes in how leadership address the issues in senior care can be evaluated by addressing vital policy and program issues which decreases the effectiveness of patient care.

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