Social Change Theory Analysis

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Providing education to our patients is an important skill that nurses need to establish. How the information is presented is just as important as the information provided. In this discussion board I am going to discuss and define the learning theory social change which I believe fits my target population of females between the age of 17 to 19 who’s children are at risk for infant mortality. Expanding on this analysis I will describe how I would apply it to my target population. Closing this discussion with three teaching strategies that they could be used for the aggregate. Social change theory proposes that most human behavior are learned through a social context including family, school, and other organizations. (Rew, Arheart, Thompson, & Johnson, 2013).…show more content…
The first strategy I am going to discuss is demonstration. Lecturing a group in adolescents can often times become ineffective due to lack of focus and concentration; by using demonstration this can grab their attention and allow them to visually understand the content provided. Demonstrating safe sex practices such applying a condom may relate to the group. The next teaching strategy I’m going to discuss is role playing. Role-playing allows these individuals to participate in the discussion and express their own opinions. Role-playing placing and infant in its crib can be an effective way for individuals to learn how to avoid SIDS such as placing the baby on its back, and using a firm mattress. The last strategy that I’m going to explain will be group discussion. This allows individuals to draw on their own experience as well as others and to receive encouragement from one another. During these group discussions pregnant adolescents, or newborn mothers can discuss their experience and none one another’s and receive insight from a nurses point of view on caring for their infant and preventing infant
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