Social Class And Education : How Socioeconomic Status And Family Background Can Affect The Learning Outcomes Of Many Children

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Chapter three on Social Class and Education discusses how socioeconomic status and family background can affect the learning outcomes of many children in school. Lois Weis points out that the students who are from low-income families are suffering educationally because they have no choice but to attend schools that are in poor areas and they tend receive a lower level of instruction (Weis, 2016). Students who fall under a category of middle to upper class can attend schools that are in better areas and they receive a more advanced level of instruction. Past studies have suggested that children do poorly in school because the school is unable to provide good resources to their students. The Coleman Report disputed this idea and emphasized…show more content…
The ability groups can be beneficial to learning as they are used to help students learn at a pace which is comfortable for them. If the ability groups are assembled based off appearance or other socioeconomic factors, that could lead to students missing out on the lessons being taught and put them back further in their achievement ability.
Journal Article #1
Anyon, J. (1981). Social Class and School Knowledge. Curriculum Inquiry, 11(1), 3-42. doi:10.2307/1179509
This study gathered data from five elementary schools between two school districts, comparing curriculum used in the second, fifth, and sixth grade levels. Teachers and students were interviewed about the differences in the methods they used to teach content for language arts, social studies, math and science. The differences in the school environments were compared along with the social class and neighborhoods the students came from.
The purpose of this study was to examine whether the curriculum in five different elementary schools was similar, different, or varied by social class. Jean Anyon (1981), was studying whether social class effected school knowledge gained by the level of income and the areas in which they lived. Researchers were evaluating why things such as the appearance of the five neighborhoods, schools, and socioeconomic income level of the school parents would affect the way the teachers taught
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