Social Class And India 's Social System

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Social class is a division of a society based on ones social and economic status. There are those of higher class, middle class, and lower class. However, the class a person is a part of can affect their life in many ways they may, or may not notice. In different places, there are many varieties of qualifications for which class one may be considered. Why do many places have contrasting types of social classification? The evaluation of America 's and India 's social ranking systems gives more insight into these questions.

Amazingly, the Caste System in India has been around for thousands of years. The caste system places you in a social class with specific duties you must perform. Secondly, the system places you in the social class of …show more content…

Second off is karma, karma is the belief that a person experiences the effects of his/her actions. This is closely like the saying “What goes around, comes around.” which is how karma works. If one does not want to upset karmic balance, they will have to live a moral life, and have to fulfill their dharma.

The third term one must know, is samsara, which is know to some as reincarnation. Reincarnation, or samsara, plays a big role in how the caste system has people placed in each rank, as explained earlier. Samsara explains the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, in which karma can/will take effect. Each time someone is reborn with a new life, they have an opportunity to achieve balance. Once balanced is achieved, through good thoughts, and actions, they are free from the life cycle.

The fourth term, and stage in the cycle, is moksha. Moksha is a state of liberation from the cycle of rebirth urged by the law of karma. To reach moksha, one must live a life of devotion with strong moral principles, and no to little interest in material things. This is believed to take a great number of rebirths to achieve. To achieve moksha, is to be reunited with God, and to be free from rebirth. All these terms, dharma, karma, samsara, and moksha, are important to know to have greater insight into the Hindu religion, which the caste system has basis in.

In Hinduism, another vital concept to understand

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