Social Class And Its Effect On Love : Wuthering Heights

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Anna Seweryniak Mr. Rossi AP English III 2 March, 2015 A Fear of Heights Social Class and its Effect on Love: Wuthering Heights At the center of Wuthering Heights lies a tragic vision of decay and detachment which depends completely on the severances Emily Bronte has created between characters, estates, and social statuses. Bronte reveals societal flaws that had never before been recognized during her time and creates a raw vision of Victorian life; one in which the differences between characters and their social standings outweigh their true beliefs and desires when it comes to who they choose to be, who they choose to surround themselves with, and how they choose to treat those around them. In its most distinct form, Wuthering Heights is a love story that chronicles the lives of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, regardless of the distance between them. It is their love for each other that, despite their separation and individual growth, transcends time and survives even beyond the grave. However, one of the saddest truths of existence, and what Bronte so exquisitely proves, is that our social aspirations are sometimes greater than the capacity of our love, and it is this love that is often sacrificed in order to meet our ambition. By superseding her readers’ expectations, Bronte allows for a much more complex storyline and deeper hidden meanings. The setting of Wuthering Heights, for example, is crucial for the understanding of Victorian society and the division between
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