Social Class And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social class has been always being in our society since its establishment. Back then, white, landowning men had the highest status amongst society with women and other races being lower in the societal ladder Times have changed since then, but social class is still a major factor to people’s success. Social class is defined as a label that categorizes individuals based on their economic status, wealth, and power. Social class does not matter, but should not be ignored It’s prominent in our society so I think as young adults we need to be aware of it. If we “teach them how to deal with it in a positive manner and how to prevent it, then little by little we can see less of the discrimination. Our differences shouldn’t create conflict between people and cause problems” (Google Doc). Our differences should come together and be celebrated. It should be brought to our attention that they may be more disadvantaged than other people and that all their home lives are unique and different from each other. While keeping this concept in mind, teachers and faculty members should not let social class control their action towards the students and be prejudiced. Teachers should not see social class as a problem or an excuse as to why the student is not learning. Individuals want to learn and can learn; social class should not be the explanation as to why the teacher will not help the student reach their goals. When students grow intellectually and become educated, they will acquire more

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