Social Class And Marriage In Sweat By Zola Neale Hurston

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Social Class and Marriage
Social class and marriage are two aspects which the society has always held dear. The society categorizes social class with what one earns. The people who earn more in the society are considered powerful, and to some extent, they are respected more than others. On the other side, the people who are not financially mighty are seen as the weak in the society. A marriage is considered a stage in life which people should pass. Though the divorce rate is increasing day by day, the larger percentage of the society believes that marriage is important and people should get married for recreation and companionship. Some communities believe so much in marriages, and they consider them holy (Hurston, 3). However, marriages have their fair share of challenges. The problems of marriages did not start a few years ago, but they have been there for many years. What happens is that people are different and handle challenges differently. Today, a marriage partner would rather walk out of marriage rather than persevere and deal with the marriage issue. A few decades ago, people rarely walked out of marriages, and some of them even lived in abusive marriages. "Sweat" is a shorts story by Zola Neale Hurston which focuses more on social class and how challenging marriages can be.

Hurston uses the characters in the short story; "Sweat," to bring out the aspect of the social class. Delia is depicted as a woman who loves what she does. However, it is still apparent that

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