Social Class And Status Groups

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Social class is a concept that has been interpreted countless times throughout history. The existence of social class and status groups has even been questioned and whether it is a positive or negative thing. This ethnography explores groups of class and how distinctions between individuals on a macro level can affect their micro level interactions in everyday life. The differences between individuals macro distribution would not have any effect if they were not illustrated in everyday micro level encounters and thus class and status groups would not be formed.
The ethnographic research conducted for this analysis is of social class groups of women in a local café. For this study I visited this café three mornings in a row and observed the daily activities of the local resident’s comings and goings. The first morning everything seemed to run just as a typical café would run, women gathering for brunch or morning tea, business people grabbing their coffee on their way to important meetings and the usual. On the second visit I had noticed the two same groups of women at the café sitting at the same spots they were the day before. I observed the two groups of women simultaneously and even approached them and conversed with them.
Shortly after interacting with the women I had uncovered the distinction between these groups of women. They were groups of mothers, one group from the local public school in the neighbourhood and the other group from the local private school. The
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