Social Class And The Future Career

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In the article, there were total of four research questions. The first research question was examined whether there is a relationship between the social class and the future career, political, religious views, gender roles attitudes to identity development. Does it play a significant role in depending in people with the difference social class upbringing? The second research question was examined under what circumstances is the social class of identity exploration and does the exploration differ by people of difference social class upbringing? The third research question was examined whether there is a relationship between the social class background and the motivated to the future career. The last research question was examined the …show more content…

138). Furthermore, social class can form, force, and interfere the improvement and appearance of the skills, values, perspectives (Stewart & Ostrove, 1993, p.138). Many studies have established the connection between socioeconomic status and occupation influents (Alix & Lantz, 1973; Cook et al., 1996; MacLeod, 1995; Rojewski & Kim, 2003; Rojewski & Yang, 1997, p.138). People in the middle social class capabilities and knowledge skills are superior compared to those people from working class (Lawler, 1999, p.138). The contradictory and discourage perceptions influencing the working class identity (Sennett & Cobb, 1972, p.139). However, people in the low social class could have the feelings of self-confidence because they improve by increase their self-defenses in order to protect themselves from the discrimination of others (Crocker & Major, 1989, p. 139). Many studies have revealed that even the disadvantage as the homelessness also learn how to find a way to build their self-confidence and self-esteem (Snow & Anderson, 1987, p. 139). Moreover, people from the working social class are fighting with estrangement from their own lives, relatives, and ethnicities, yet they do not feel of attachments with the people in middle social class environment that they have entered (Lubrano, 2004; Wentworth & Peterson, 2001). The pressure and inconvenience that are linked with the disadvantages will constrain the

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