Social Class As A Society Based On Social And Economic Status

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Social class is a division of a society based on social and economic status. Why do we have social class in our societies? For what purpose does social class, even exist? From the United States, to India, many different societies have different social classes and systems. So why does social class and system differ from place to place? These are some essential questions that need to be answered.

Amazingly, the Caste System in India has been around for thousands of years. The caste system places you in a social class with specific duties you must perform. Secondly, the system places you in the social class of your parents. In the Caste System, it is expected of individuals to fulfill their Dharma. Dharma is the religious and moral law governing individual conduct. There is a specific Dharma for each caste to follow very closely. While some people may be able to move into a caste rank (by marriage or other means) they were not born into, this is looked down upon by some because it upsets the “balance”. The Caste system follows the beliefs of the Hindu religion. Reincarnation, which is one of the key beliefs of the Hindu religion, dictates which caste someone is born into. If you are good in the current lifetime, you will be born in a higher postion in the next life.

In total, the Caste System has four main castes(or Varnas). First off, the Brahmins, who are priests, and scholars. They are the highest ranking people in the traditional Hindu caste system. Secondly, the
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