Social Class Consist Of Three Components, Such As Property,

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Social class consist of three components, such as property, power, and prestige. Property comes in several forms such as buildings, land, animals, machinery, cars, and basically anything that has ownership to it. When adding up the value of someone’s property, and subtract the person’s debt you have something that is called wealth. Wealth and income are sometime confused with each other. Wealth is a prime example of someone 's net worth, and income is a prime example of the flow money. Income can come from about just anything around the world business, rent, interest, and royalties comes from the category of income. Some people have much wealth and little income. An example of this is a farmer that owns a lot of land, but when bad weather…show more content…
The poor do not contain the needed money or insurance to afford medical care. People in lower classes are more likely to smoke, eat a lot of fats, be overweight, abuse drugs and alcohol, get little exercise, and practice unsafe sex. It may be difficult to be a part of the lower class for several reasons. The stress they face may weaken their immune systems, causing their bodies to wear down faster. The upper class is a lot different, such as having fewer problems and containing several more resources to deal with certain qualities. Life in the lower class can be difficult especially the problems that come from insecure jobs and income, leads to higher marital friction and a greater likelihood of divorce. Containing a certain social class within a society, may determine the education an individual may obtain. For example, the upper class attends private schools, where they are qualified to take a powerful role in society. The lower class within the society may obtain an education, which is more difficult to acquire because of the income, and wealth. It is reported in politics that higher classed citizens within the social class ladder, are more likely to vote for republicans. The working-class believe the government should intervene in the economy to provide jobs, and to make citizens financially secure. They are more likely to vote for a democrat. A consequence of being in the upper class, is an individual may
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