Social Class Discrimination And Economic Oppression

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In today’s world, many people experience pressure from family members and society, poverty levels, social class discrimination and economic oppression. Throughout this semester, we have read many stories that can be related to today’s society problems. Four out of ten stories we have read this semester have caught my attention: Eveline, Everyday Use, Rocking Horse Winner, and the Bride comes to Yellow Sky. These stories share some humanistic behaviors that we still encounter in today’s world. The titles listed are stories that display a strong illustration of family pressure, poverty, social class discrimination, religious influences and economic oppression, just as today’s society. Even though these illustrations were created in the past, the behavior and characteristic meaning of each story still share comparison to what is going on in today’s world with individuals. The story called, “Eveline”, I compared this fictional story to the world we currently live in. First in the story, Eveline, Eveline was portrayed as being a normal teenager who became entitle to a lot of responsibilities after the death of her mother. She was dating a sailor and had plans of moving away with him and starting her own family. While planning her permanent departure from her family, she knew that her family suffered financially, and it resulted her to get a job. A while ago, I read a paragraph that showed a statistic chart showing how many American teenagers are in the same predicament as…
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