Social Class Discrimination

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Social Class Discrimination Social class discrimination is a negative attitude towards people based on their social or economic class. It is both discriminatory and unfair to people from particular classes and beneficial to the upper class. Social class discrimination has tremendous negative effects on the discriminated classes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to take some actions to fix this problem. The first step to bringing social class discrimination to a standstill is by first ensuring one’s beliefs do not label or rub others the wrong way. Therefore, a person should toil to be considerate of others by treating them with respect. Declining to share discriminatory comments masqueraded as humor promotes…show more content…
To use tone of voice and actions makes it a reality. This can be done by raising awareness about the revolting side of discrimination. Educating and informing others to object to discrimination can be done individually or by joining websites and organizations which battle against discrimination. The donation of time, skills and financial support helps gets to more people with life changing prospects. When employing, there are laws on equality that ought to be followed by employers. Teaching employees about social class discrimination is another influential way to eradicate discrimination. People from diverse backgrounds must have a say, equivalently. Barbara Ehrenreich in “Serving in Florida” vividly describes her experiences of living in an expensive city as a low-wage worker. In fear of losing their jobs, they opted to survive day to day working in poor conditions (Ehrenreich, 2010). If you run a business or hold a managerial position, one can curb discrimination by attempting to sympathize with the employees. During elections, a person can discourage discrimination by voting for the qualified persons in spite of their social classes. Also, one ought to vote for public authorities who are against social class discrimination. A good leader is committed eradication of all obstacles that pardon discriminatory conducts in others. If voted for, an individual should implement policies that ban discrimination. An office
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