Social Class Education Comparison

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Social Class Education Comparison Have you ever heard of people saying no matter where you come from as long as you put in the effort to succeed in your education? Well that saying isn’t completely accurate because not everyone in the world is born in the position or ready for higher learning. Certain people are born in a position where they are properly prepared and financially set to pursue their education. Your education is the key to your wealthy lifestyle. Kids all have their own type of opinion on how they feel about education. But the real question is why they have the tendencies to feel that way about education. My essay and research I did will explain why people from different social classes will experience different educational…show more content…
Andy Blevins is a good example he is the main character in the story “The College Dropout Boom” by David Leonhardt which is a story that explain about Andy’s low class life situation which he feels like education isn’t right for him and become a “college drop-out” working for a job where he feels like could slip away. Accord to David Leonhardt “statistic says once a student drops out of college the student has the tendencies not to return to college which is one of the largest growing groups of young adults. After many years Andy makes a decision to return to college and earn a college degree which is going up against statistics. While reading the “The College Dropout Boom” it reveals information and facts about how people coming from different class are held back by artificial barriers. Andy states “To him, it is a tug-of-war between living in the present and sacrificing for the future.” But of course sacrificing for the future would be the best idea in the long run earn the college degree according to David Leonhardt “College graduates have received steady pay increase of the past two decades, while the pay of everyone else has risen little more than the rate of inflation.” But like Andy says it’s a game of tug-of-war but some people can’t sacrifice for the future because they have nothing to sacrifice. Even though people want to make the sacrifice David Leonhardt said “Tuition bills scare
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