Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World

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Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World
Nathan Dominique
West Forsyth High School

Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World
Social stratification, or dividing people into classes, was and is still prevalent in society in many ways. In every form division acts as an inhibitor for what certain citizens can do, but it helps form a stable class structure as there is little mobility. Namely, stratification is most evident in the various realms of education: elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. The opportunities of specific classes to achieve feats in education is often extremely disproportionate (Benson,1989, p. 159) leaving lower classes at the bottom of society.
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Brave New World Classes. Alphas, Betas, Gammas, and Epsilons, all of these common group names make up the bulk of the class system in Huxley 's Brave New World. Social stratification prevails in this make believe society and is seen as a large contributor to the differing levels of intellectual soundness of the different cast members. Citizens of Brave New World are engineered in order to be either genius or dumb as a nail (Huxley, 1932, p. 25). Huxley (1932, p. 18) described the entire process as a major instrument of social stability for the community. By depriving the lover classes of any intelligent prowess(opportunities) a secure society was forged in the eyes of the Authorities. Differences in Education. In order to make the society even more secure the leaders opened the doors of universities to the best and brightest that were decanted. I found that the top schools, like Eton (Huxley, 1932, p. 148), in the book were only made available to the most formidable thinkers. Such a system confirms my hypothesis that there was a vast difference in just what chances different groups had at getting an education. Simply the fact that these discrepancies exist demonstrates the power of social class in education. Differences in opportunities. Social stratification affected education and many other aspects of society. While the Alphas and Betas were playing obstacle golf the Epsilons and Gammas were busy battling the many
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