Social Class Is Not As Important As It Once

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It could be argued that social class is not as important as it once was. Social class is a distribution of a civilisation on the basis of the economy or social status (, 2015). Evidence supporting this idea can be found when examining traditional cultural aspects like stratifications. Stratification refers to an organisation by which a society ranks people into a hierarchy. Major forms of stratification include; Slavery, Caste and Estates. In today 's society most of the extreme cases of stratification have been abolished as they have became less superior to civilisation. (, 2015) However, many sociologists comment on how social class is still present but more hidden. Durkheim and Marx debate…show more content…
The working class are the most exploited class as they act to serve capitalism. They also have the worse stereotypes because of shows such as the Jeremy Kyle show which produces usually an exaggerated representation of the working class with people who are poorly socialised without basic manners or living concepts.
The Functionalist model outlines that social inequality is necessary in our modern society as long as recruitment is based on merit and rewards are distributed fairly. (Marsh, 2013) This indicates that people who work harder will get better opportunities in their life. Durkheim is a key Functionalist who states how society has changed since the 1900s and how traditional society has been replaced with modern society which is more focused on the division of labour (, 2015). The division of labour promotes differences and weakens social cohesion. Social cohesion refers to the willingness of members of a community to cooperate in order to survive. This means that even though the proletariat is the majority, people will not stand up to the bourgeoisie. Davis and Moore state "social inequality is an unconsciously evolved device by which societies insure that the most important positions are conscientiously filled by the most qualified persons" which means that people who are more talented deserve the most important roles
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