Social Class Is The Backbone Of American Society

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Society today has developed the concept of social class, to categorize citizens into different groups based on their economic status. These social classes are divided into three groups: upper, middle and low. Unfortunately, social class has become the backbone of American society, where being upperclass gives citizens an advantage and controlling position in the United States. Society in America thinks that what ever social class a person falls in defines them as an individual. Social class seems to have an huge impact on today’s society. What even is social class? Social class is usually based on an individuals income or employment status. Every citizen is put into a group whether they know it or not, society chooses where he or she belongs out of the three classes. Every individual is put into a group that are in the same position as them. Upper class are the individuals that are considered wealthy, usually leaders or head of big companies or universities. For example, Bill Gates is an example of an upper class citizen. Bill Gates makes millions of dollars a year and has vast amounts of money. Then there is the middle class, these people are considered the average citizens. They make enough money to live day to day without being on a daily struggle. Middle class is probably the largest class group. Lastly, there is the lower class, they are the ones who have the low income jobs and can barely afford to live in this society. These individuals usually end up getting two
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