Social Class Stratification : An Important Part Of How The United States Functions

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Social Class Stratification
Social class is an important part of how the United States functions. Because the United States tries to run on a laissez-faire based marketing system, there are social classes that differ based on economic prosperity. The people who work hard and are smart rise to the top and usually become part of the upper or middle class. People who don 't work hard or are lacking an intellectual capabilities fall to the lower class. Social class stratification is important to understand because social class can affect who we are and how we interact with others. People in different social classes tend not to interact because a poor person can not afford to eat out at a place where wealthy person would eat. Also, wealthy people tend to form their own social groups because they have a large amount of money to go places and do things with. These differences between social classes and the separation that occurs is vital to understanding the way society functions.
Social stratification is essential to understanding how society functions. An important social stratification that has a major effect on society is social class and, “Marx saw class divisions as the most important source of social conflict” (Shortell). Social class stratification has to do with the idea that society tends to divide itself into separate classes based on their access to money and power. There are usually large cultural differences between the people of the different classes. The social…
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