Social Class Vs Caste System

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Much of human life is “given” to us but we are still placed into systems whether we like it or not. We have it here in America as well in other countries. Traditional Hinduism organized social life according to a caste system. Purity determined hierarchy of castes. The circumstances of birth determined the caste a person was in. The occupations were associated with the level of purity of each class. Brahmin is the highest class, and are the priests. The lowest in the hierarchy are the “untouchables”, who had occupations that excluded from the social life, such as tanning, and scavenging. After 1950, untouchability was outlawed and the name was changed to the “scheduled” class. However, they prefer to prefer themselves as Dalit, the “downtrodden”.…show more content…
In America, we have what we call a “social class’. This class system is also achieved by birth, but the main difference between social class and the caste system is that one’s social status can definitely be changed. It is more humane. If someone was were born a farmer, he/she just might have to climb his/her way up the ladder through nit and grit to reach the level success that he/she wishes to become in…show more content…
Value is reached or given out under the class system if someone was able to move up from a lower class to the upper class. These social hiking is best achieved through one’s education, employment, and skills. Scholars believe that the class system is based on wealth, power and economic rank. The class system is made up with three categories: the Upper class, the extremely wealthy and powerful people; the Middle class, the highly paid experts; and the Lower class, the weak and the poor. Caste system is mostly disparity because no person can change his/her social status under the caste system. In short, he/she is stuck as being one of the five varnas until the day that he/she dies. Class system, is more humane as that person can climb up and down the social ladder as much as he/she can. The caste system has been forbidden but many people in India still practice it in their everyday lives. Class system, although not made by the law is somehow normally observed in every modern
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