Social Class Vs. Upper Class

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Based on which social class an individual falls into, the parenting style that they display or experience may vary. Are these differences in social classes affecting the way children in these households are brought up? If so, are these parenting styles reinforcing social class division? It is inevitable that the occupation, education, and income or wealth that an individual possesses will define their social class. This paper claims that children of different socioeconomic classes go through different socialization processes due to varying parenting styles that emerge in these distinct social classes. The parental behaviors and the social interaction between the parent and the child is linked to the social class that the family is a part…show more content…
Due to the values that these parents live their lives by the same values are the ones they are passing on to their children. When these children grow up they are likely to be expected to work in places much like the ones their parents are working in and hopefully with the values instilled in them they will be able to hold onto their jobs.
Parents in the lower and working social class tend to believe that they can never be too involved in their children’s education. (Pew) This provides an interesting contrast because based off of another survey parents in this class are the least likely to read out loud to their children. This is likely a matter of time management. Parents in this class are often working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. These children spend a majority of their childhood in the care of extended family, seeing as most of these families live in poor neighborhoods and childcare is not readily available or affordable. But these parents still feel that their kids should be doing well in school, education is an important part of being able to get better jobs, and if the parents want their children to be able to socially move up in the society than they will be more likely to want to be involved in their children’s education. Based on a survey conducted it was also found that parents of this social class
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