Essay about Social Class and Self-esteem among Adolescents in Hong Kong

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Social Class and Self-esteem among Adolescents in Hong Kong
Research Proposal
Research Objectives
Self-esteem is one of our most basic psychological needs. Researches on this subject suggest that self-esteem impacts the major aspects of our lives, like our thinking process, emotions, desires, value, choices, and goals. Self-esteem holds a considerable significance in both the individual and social context. Most importantly, it deals with adolescents’ concern of personal growth. Self-esteem affects how an adolescent search for a clear and stable self-definition ( Cheung, T. S., 1984). So, this is why I decided to generate a research on adolescents’ self-esteem.

It is commonly believed that the level of self-esteem varies
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Social Psychology
Quarterly, 53, 165-173. It explains with a theory of psychological centrality why

social class has a stronger effect among late adolescents’ self-esteem. When something is central to self-evaluation, it will have a stronger effect on self-esteem.

Richman (1985). Self-esteem: Research, Theory, and Practice. Springer. It

introduces us the meanings of self-esteem, some important issues in doing self-esteem researches, and summarizes several major self-esteem theories. It serves as a thorough guide for doing researches on self-esteem. It is a good reference for setting hypothesis. Wells (1976). Self-esteem: Its Conceptualization and Measurement. Sage: London.

This book includes theoretical considerations like definitions, types and important issues of self-esteem, and methodological considerations like measurement, experimental use and instrument validations. A practical work.

Battle (1992). Culture-Free Self-esteem Inventories. Pro-ed: Texas. It contains

several claimed valid and reliable inventories for assessing self-esteem in different areas. It helps me understand generally how to put the abstract concept of self-esteem into visible index.

Cheung, T. S. (1984). An Analysis of the Self-esteem of Adolescents in Hong Kong:

configurations and Determinations. Occasional Papers No. 5. Centre for Hong
Kong Studies. This work shows us a general picture about Hong Kong’s
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