Social Classes And Class System Essay

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In the United states, social classes is a controversial issue in terms of defining the actual nature of the classes themselves. Many individuals have categorized the society into three elementary groups that is the “poor”, “middle class” and the “rich”. Additionally, a more complex system of social classes is derived from the three elementary classes. In this regard, a four-class system includes “the capitalist/upper class”, “the middle class”, “the working class” and “the lower class” (Thompson, 2005). Moreover, sociologists have expanded the for-class system into a six class system includes “the capitalist or upper class”, “the upper-middle class”, “the middle class”, “the working class”, “the lower-working class” and “the lower class”.
The social classes are based on numerical measures of income and wealth. However, other social factors such as level of education and individual social status are considered. Due to differentiation of incomes, wealth and social status, a society is stratified at a continuous rate with no clear class boundaries. As a result, individuals of one class may have different wealth accumulation or occupations (Beeghley, 2004). In addition, individuals having similar occupation positions may also have different lifestyles and end up forming a social class.
Social classes are a description of individual’s position within the society concerning so leadership, prestige, influence, or compensation. Income levels of households or individuals play a
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