Social Classes In The Intouchables

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Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache use their film The Intouchables (2011) to manipulate their audience in relation to a contrast between a stereotypical black and white social class. The directors cast Omar Sy as Driss, who is of Senegalese descent, since he is in stark contrast to his employer Phillipe who is a white French aristocrat. This film is based on a true story and the individual who was originally Philippe’s caretaker was Abdel Sellou and was of Arabic ethnicity. Omar Sy is of Senegalese descent and therefore has darker skin than Abdel, making the racial differences between him and Phillipe more prominent and observable. This contrasting theme is present throughout the film, and is particularly evident in three scenes that crystallise the directors’ key idea of the contrast between two different social classes. The scenes include ‘the paragliding’, ‘Driss’s interview’, and the introduction of Phillipe and ‘Driss’s house scenes’. Toledano and Nakache uses film techniques such as mise-en-scène, lighting, sound track, dialogue, musical score, camera techniques and angles throughout these scenes to manipulate the audience in relation to the black and white contrasting social class The concept of contrasting social class is manipulated using innovative cinematic techniques, including non-diegetic sound, mise-en-scène, bright lighting and various camera techniques and angles. The scene instigates with calm and composed music being played during the beginning of the
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