Social Cognition And Its Impact On Recovery Success

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Schizophrenia is a severe and persistent mental disorder that has many facets to consider when treating individuals with this condition. The ability to function in different areas of everyday life, both in and out of the home, has been a goal seldom achieved by patients treated for schizophrenia. While new approaches to treatment have been developed that focus on neurocognitive and social cognition, many treatments fail to fully address the social environment and its impact on recovery success. Success is not simply a reduction of symptoms but the improvement of neurocognitive and social cognitive impairment. Neurocognitive aspects include working memory, visual memory, verbal memory, cognitive processing speed and executive functioning.…show more content…
al., 2012). To better understand the role of an individuals immediate family members and recovery, this study uses SCIT or Social Cognition and Interaction Training with the assistance of a close family member or friend in the training protocol (F-SIT), as their treatment condition, and the control group simply received training in a social stimulation (SS) program. It was hypothesized that the treatment group would improve their quality of life, social functioning and social cognition more than the basic social stimulation group. Participants were recruited from the Celal Bayar University Psychosis Unit and randomly assigned to each group in a 1:1 assignment. This was later changed to 1:2 to reduce a variance discovered in the social stimulation group, which would decrease noise and improve data quality. Data was collected at baseline, before randomization and sixteen weeks after randomization. Of the originally recruited fifty-two participants, 19 became part of the treatment group and 22 became part of the control group. Both groups received fourteen weeks of treatment, with the treatment group meeting every week and the control group meeting every three weeks, with final data collection occurring two weeks after the end of the intervention. There were no statistically
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