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Purpose: To explain the social cognitive developmental framework to audiences of social, cognitive, developmental and clinical psychology. As well as give an in depth example of parenting praise, effects on children’s theories of achievement motivation and the implications of these frameworks.
Social cognitive development is a field which focuses on how mental representations and mental processes relevant to social development change across development. It also includes the study of how the mental representations mediate or moderate the impact of antecedents and children’s outcomes. From a social cognitive developmental standpoint, the methods of both social and cognitive fields limit the approach one can take to the research, thus a
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The cognitive development work currently focuses on how cognition operates in infants and children and how the cognitive abilities arise. Usually these studies occur in controlled lab environments, where the formation of mental representations can be observed when the children confront specific objects and events. Typically research focuses on the analyses of mental processes and looks closely at mental representations (Olson and Dweck, 2008). While cognitive developmentalists have shown some interest in social phenomenon, they often do not look at the social representations. Usually research does not focus on child differences, different mental representation, and the implications for children’s well-being. This perspective could benefit from a social cognitive perspective.
Social cognitive development is not a new topic (e.g. Wimmer &Perner, 1983, Dweck & Elliott, 1983). There have been several prominent theories and books, although it is not seen as one of the dominant approaches in developmental psychology. Developmental psychology has suffered in some ways due to the fragmentation of the field. One unifying way to address development is by looking at it from a social cognitive perspective. Social cognitive development focuses on the relationship between antecedents, mental representations and outcomes. Olson and Dweck (2008) developed four goals that can serve as a framework.
The first goal is to find and measure a social cognitive mental

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