Social Cognitive Theory: Case Study

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Tosin Adejuyigbe PBHE 305 22 March 2017 Social Cognitive Theory Fulcher, Anne. Nivelles; Purcell, Allison; Baker, Elise; Munro, Natalie.(2015, June 17). Factors influencing speech and language outcomes of children with early identified severe/profound hearing loss: Clinician-identified facilitators and barriers. Retrieved from This study evaluated factors that may easily influence speech and language for children with severe hearing loss. Hearing loss is something that is very common amongst new born and affecting them tremendously. In every 1000 newborns there are at least one-three that are born with hearing loss also known as HL. Researchers identify and screen newborns with hearing loss to minimize the impact it has on children. They want to identify the problem early because late diagnosis can result in delayed speech and language. This research indicated that children with hearing loss will have a promising outcome as far as their speech and language goes. It was also suggested that even if children were diagnosed early, each infant would have the same outcome. Will each early diagnosed infant receive the same scores on test for speech and language as others? Females who were diagnosed with hearing loss as a child have better speech and language…show more content…
The researchers found that clinicians can identify things that facilitate speech and language results for children with hearing loss. This model was used to help them understand how easily influenced factors can be taught and changed though treatment. The study showed the different experiences and perspectives of the participants. Although the study showed the different perspectives of the parties involved in the study it may not reflect the perspectives of a wider population. Knowing this only means that this study will require further research with a larger number of children and with more clinicians in varied
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