Social Commentary On Hollywood War Films

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Josie E. Mann
Professor Joe Horine
10 November 2015
Social Commentary in Hollywood War Films
Hollywood film is a powerful twentieth century art form that has provided entertainment and social commentary since its creation. Film can be used to portray history on the silver screen. Directors can use their films to portray social commentary about current issues. A popular social issue throughout history is war. Directors can use their war films to promote pro-war or anti-war movements. Films have the ability to influence the public and provoke thought amongst them about any social issue. The power of film has the ability to present the audience with history while providing social commentary.
Nearly one third of Hollywood movies touch on history and one of the many historical events being war. The Civil War was the first embraced war by Hollywood. It was the first war photographed therefore, Hollywood knew what people and events looked like. At the time Civil War movies were produced by Hollywood there were still living relatives of those who were in the Civil War. There were not as many World War I films as other wars. These films were used to jazz up the public for World War II like Sergeant York or as an anti-war film like Paths of Glory. World War II films on the other hand were Hollywood’s most filmed war. These films were mostly patriotic, as America was fighting for its future, with some slightly cynical. Hollywood saw a shifting tone with the Korean War
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