Social Commerce And Its Impact On Social Society

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Introduction Social commerce is one of the spreading phenomenon of business innovation in recent years. The business entities not only target the customers through physical existence of stores but also investing to reach customers through the internet. Amazon and Alibaba are the two big giants in ecommerce business and they have targeted customers by camouflaging towards social commerce. Companies are investing capital into social media through social media platforms and other web portals. Enginkaya and Yilmaz (2014) in their paper titled “What drives consumers to interact with brands through social media? A motivation scale development study” states that social media websites are making a huge contribution to companies to attract…show more content…
01). The modern customers have less time or no time at all to shop in person and then the internet is a perfect place for an opportunity of selling products to busy customers. The frequent use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has established a new term in e-commerce known as Social Commerce. The main goal of Social Commerce is to avail the opportunity of online social sources through various business activities (Liang, Ho, Li, & Turban, 2011). According to an IDC study, around 57% of employees in Unites States have access to social networks for business activities once a week and this application is expanding swiftly (Brogan, 2010). The access that companies have is for the sole purpose of reaching customers. Small businesses also have huge part in Social Commerce these days. Many of the companies are hiring private firms to do social marketing for them. This results in more customers and also in good-will of the business. Social media websites have huge revenue from Social Commerce. Chen, Shen and Chen (2014), state that Social Commerce is one of the significant and high revenue generators for businesses in the near future (pp. 02). The revenue from Social Commerce will reach 30 billion US dollar by 2015 as reported by Booz & Company. A recent report by McKinsey shows that 70 % of companies are using social technology to reach customers and the significance of revenue is 90 percent. Ruthledge (2008) state that the robust growth of

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