Social Comparison Research: Motivation And Behavior

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Social comparison is a tremendously pervasive procedure which impacts how individuals think about themselves, how they feel, what they are inspired to do, and how they carry on. Social comparison consequences thereby span all center of human mental working. This striking omnipresence is coordinated by a comparably striking compexity and multi facetedness of the center comparison process itself. Not only to do social comparison impact perception, motivation and behavior. To date, these diverse impacts on social comparison procedures have been basically considered in relative isolation. Actually, the historical of social comparison research is a history of consecutively switching foci (Buunk & Mussweiler, 2001; Suls & Wheeler, 2000), beginning with a strong focus on motivational impacts and a relative neglect of cognitive underpinnings and closure with a strong focus on cognitive underpinnings and a relative disregard of motivational impacts.…show more content…
It appears to be clear that, especially for a procedure that is as widespread as social comparison, an additionally enveloping viewpoint that integrates cognitive motivational, and affective impacts is
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